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Clone Documents

Clone Passports

Registered Passport! Existing person! Your photo and fingers!

This is our new option for document duplicate production.

Basically, it is cloning of the real existing document but with your photo and with your fingerprint.

We select suitable documents from our database considering your age, sex, nationality, etc.

This service is available for passports of countries from the list on the right side of the page.

The Passport is produced with all features of an original passport issued by the elected government, with the number, expiration, and issuing date really existing and registered. Basically, it is a duplicate of another passport already officially issued.

Please feel free to contact us anytime in order to find the best solution for you.

Clone Biometric Passport
Validity: 8-10 years
Production price: USD 1600.00
Delivery time: 7 business days
About Passport Clones

Clone Passports of the highest quality are produced from the original empty passport books and contain all of the security features:

– special paper

– watermarks

– intaglio printing

– microprinting 

– fluorescent dyes
– color-changing ink 

– document number laser perforation

– latent image

– all additional secutity features by each country


This passport is a clone of an officially issued and registered passport. It contains:

– YOUR photo

– YOUR fingerprint

– name of original owner

– date of birth of original owner

– place of birth of original owner

– original number

– all other original registered information


We can provide this passport with almost any kind of airport stamps if interested.




Driving Licences

Clone of registered and valid Driving Licence. Your Photo!

We are able to provide the Driving Licence Clone of 100% top quality.

Clone Driver License is a fully cloned license of another person and therefore is fully valid in case of authorities control.

All original data are cloned from the data of another existing citizen, but the picture is yours (sent to us).

Please feel free to contact us anytime in order to find the best solution for you.

Valid Clone Driving Licence
Delivery time: 3 business days
Production price: USD 500.00
Countries: see right
Countries Available


– Finland

– Sweden

– United Kingdom

– Denmark

– Germany

– Luxembourg

– Belgium

– Italy

– Netherlands

– France

– Ireland

– Norway

– Portugal

– Spain

– Switzerland

– Greece

– Liechtenstein

– Malta

– Slovakia

– Poland

– Latvia

– Estonia

– Austria

National Identity Cards

Clone of registered and valid ID Card but with Your Photo!

National Identity Card Clone is an exact copy of an existing valid and registered Identity Card issued by the government.

We reproduce exactly the original card with all security features and with a real existing registered number.

The only information to be replaced is the original owner’s photo with the photo you provide us with.

You are able to select the age and the sex and we find a real identity to match your criteria.

You can also select more criteria like a place of birth or city of current residence for an extra Fee of USD 50.00. 

We can provide this kind of document issued by several EU countries (see right).

Please feel free to contact us anytime in order to find the best solution for you.

Valid Registered National ID Card Clone
Delivery time: 3 business days
Production price: USD 500.00
Countries Currently Available


– United Kingdom (National Identity Card)

– Germany (Personalausweis)

– Luxembourg (Carte d’identité)

– Belgium (Carte d’identité)

– Italy (Carta di identità)

– Netherlands (Carte d’identité)

– France (Carte d’identité)

– Norway (Nasjonalt Identitetskort)

– Portugal (Cartão de cidadão)

– Spain (Documento Nacional de Identidad)

– Switzerland (Identitatskarte)

– Malta (Karta tal-Identità)

– Slovakia (Občiansky Preukaz)

– Poland (Dowód osobisty)

– Estonia (Isikutunnistus)

– Austria (Personalausweis)

Replica ID Cards

We can provide our clients with Fake ID Cards produced based on any information the client demands (i.e. photo, name, date of birth, place of birth, etc.).

Please note this Fake ID Card cannot be registered by any government and is recommended to be used only for banking purposes or outside the issuing country.

Price: USD 250.00    Delivery: 3 business days

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